Light Bulbs Etc, Inc. has all types and wattages of Flood Lights and Spot Lights. You can quite easily combine a mix of LED low energy light bulbs and halogen spot lights in order to reduce the initial outlay and also blend the light levels. It is quite common to dim halogen light bulbs. Long Life For 240V Halogen fittings with GU10 or GZ10 lamp holder A transformer is not required. R111 GU10 halogen light bulbs are used in applications where a GU10 twist lock base and 120 volt low voltage light is needed for precise shielded light. EXN MR16 GU10 halogen 120 volt light bulbs are used many times in track lighting or recessed in many types of lighting. It has a 50 watt rating in a standard flood version.

Gu10 Halogen Spot Lamps

  • GU10 120v 75w MR-16 MR16 Long Life Lamp Premium quality by Divine Lighting This is 75 watts, 30 degrees.
  • We also sell 35-watt and 50-watt versions.
  • Shop for halogen light bulbs at Target Everyday free shipping.
  • Halogen PAR Flood Lights are most commonly used as exterior lighting, track lighting, and accent lighting.
  • MR20 GU10 base 120 volt halogen lamps are used widely in many different types of lighting applications.
  • Halogen light bulbs have the reputation of being some of the best lighting options on the market.

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