35.2 oz Lamp Oil LIQUID PARAFFIN – This is smokeless, odorless liquid paraffin lamp oil. Colors available are CLEAR, RED, PURPLE. ShopWiki has 99 results for oil lamp fuel, including 30 Hour Oil Lamp Always leave a light on with this Soft Light L0001 smokeless liquid paraffin wax lamp fuel. Compare 37 Smokeless Oil for Oil Lamps products at SHOP. To use the oil diffuser /potpourri burner /aroma lamps: put some water in the bowl before lighting candle. Comments about LAMPLIGHT FARMS Lamplight® Ultra Pure Parrafin Lamp Oil (60001) – 4 Pack: We have tried different Oils for lamps. This type of oil has a clean burn and is scentless, smokeless and odorless. Tropical Lights™ Candle Oil and Lamp Oil is smokeless, odorless and non-combustible, made from 99.5% pure liquid paraffin.

Smokeless Oil Lamps

  • Find best value and selection for your Antique Perfection 260 C Smokeless Oil Heater Lamp USA search on eBay.
  • Extremely safe to burn, Northern Lights Lamp Oil is both odorless and smokeless.
  • A quart of Northern Lights ® Lamp Oil provides approximately 200 hours of candlelight.
  • Waxworks Citronella Lamp & Torch Oil – Smokeless* – 1 Litre.
  • The finest liquid wax available anywhere at any price.
  • This liquid may be used as a fuel for liquid candles and liquid lamps.

More information about Smokeless Oil Lamps on the site: http://houseput.com

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